Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Micah's Rug

Well, it's finally done. I set my mind to it, and I did it!!!

The story: When we lived in our house in Alvord last year, the nursery was painted this beautiful green and white. The bedding that I chose for the new baby (Micah) was ducks and frogs (green, yellow, and white). It was darling. The floor was hard wood laminate (lighter color), and the room itself was very small. It was only big enough for the crib, dresser, and rocking chair. The perfect nursery. {sigh} I loved it so much that I took the can of green paint from the basement (hey, we owned it, right?!) with us when we moved so that I could paint our new nursery (whenever we own our own home again) the same color.

Anyways, I always wanted a rug for that room to lay in front of the crib. The hardwood got so cold in the winter, I thought it would be homey. I could never find the right color and shape, though. Anything close to what I wanted was outrageously expensive. So, when I learned to crochet a few months ago, Mom gave me a book with a pattern for a rug in it. I fell in love and decided to make it. It took me 2 months, and it looks hardly anything like the sample in the book, but I still love it. It's mostly for show, which is nice, because it's functionality level is very, very low!! Here it is:

Ta-da!! Awesome, right?
Here's another view so you can see the texture. I really love it the more I look at it!
A close up of the stitches.
Doesn't it just brighten Micah's hideous room right up? I think it's cute! It may not be perfect, but I'm so proud of myself for sticking with it and accomplishing it! Michelle's is going to look even better (and probably closer to the pattern!).
Thanks for stopping! Lots going on this week on my blog, so stop back soon!

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