Monday, August 17, 2009

Hello from Oz!

We got a wonderful package in the mail a few weeks ago. My friend Brittnee, who spent the past semester in Australia, sent us some souvenirs! Here's what she sent:

First, I got a super sweet bag with all the major cities on it. As you can tell, it's packed and ready to leave with us. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it.

Micah got a koala (I let Michelle choose for him). He thinks its okay.
Michelle chose the kangaroo and the key chain. She loves them both!! For a few days, they went everywhere with us! (the keychain still does)

This and the next few pictures are all a coaster set she found. They are aboriginal dot art painted by Maureen Hudson Nampajimpa. They depict the knowledge of the Dreaming (I think their creation story). I tried to find some information online, but it was very difficult. Brittnee said that the little horshoes are people, and the way they are placed is very significant. This is all I know.

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