Monday, June 1, 2009

More sickies

Just a quick update on the kids. We had a BAAAADDD weekend with Micah. He has been on Omnicef now for 5 days, and we were seeing no improvement. In fact, he was getting worse. He was tilting his head so far to the side that he just about fell out of his walker! Plus, he was now pulling on his right ear AND his left ear (the original infected ear). Over the weekend, he averaged about 4-5 hours of sleep (in spurts) at night, and last night, well, let me just give you an overview:
10:15 Laid him down
11:30 We went to bed (stupid, I know)
12:45 Awake crying
1:30 Finally asleep
2:00 Awake crying
2:45 Finally asleep
3:00 Awake crying
4:00 Finally asleep
6:00 WOW! 2 whole hours--him on the couch, me on the loveseat in the Living Room
Awake for the morning
Yep, that sucked BIG TIME. We would have kept sleeping (maybe), but Myron got up and left to go trucking. I didn't even hear him wake up (and he's noisy).
I took him to the doctor this morning, because I was concerned about his ears, his cough, his throwing up, his runny nose, and his exhaustion. Turns out, he has an ear infection now in his right ear, with his left ear still infected, but getting better. So, that's why he's miserable. But, I am seeing some improvements:
--He is a little easier to get to sleep
--He took a 2 1/2 hour nap this afternoon
--He actually smiled and laughed for a while instead of just looking miserable
--He actually played toys for a while and had fun in the bathtub with Michelle
Hopefully, tonight is a better night. He's been awake once already, but I put him back to sleep with some Motrin, and he's sleeping tight now.
Michelle, as always, is as chipper as ever. Dr. Post looked in her ears and said they look like they are clearing up. That's good news. I'm going to try Zyrtec with both of them once they are healthy to see if their infections are caused by allergies. Dr. Post said they are hereditary, and my allergies (pollen, hay fever, etc.) are terrible. Hopefully we won't need to undergo surgery for more tubes.
Look for some cards tomorrow. Good night!

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  1. Kayla, thank you for your sweet comment on my Verve card this morning. It made my day. I pray your kidlets will be "all better" soon. If all else fails, try the chiropractor. My little ones (now 15 and 17...) had gobs of ear infections and one had tubes. After we went to the chiropractor and had their necks adjusted, they never had another ear infection. Just a thought!

    Have a lovely day! Tricia