Friday, June 26, 2009

Busy Week

Thought I better quick write something or everyone will stop reading this! This week was so crazy- the kids didn't go to bed until like 10:00 every night, so I got no crafting done! The one night I did have some time, my mojo left me and I didn't feel like doing it. I just got a new Papertrey set called Guidelines, so I'm really anxious to play. Also, my mom had this great idea to decorate glass plates (it sounds weird, but its not), and I have a super good idea, so I'm anxious to get started on that! Should be lots of crafting next week!
Myron went to New Mexico this week, and it was horrid. We had a really good load of onions coming back up to Chicago, but on Tuesday (the day he was supposed to load), everything fell through because it rained. So, he had no load. There he sat. Until Wednesday afternoon. Then I found him a load going up to Detroit (onions), so he and his brother (also hauling onions) drove 1800 miles in two days. They were so exhausted when they got there this morning. I was so worrried about them. Oh, the life of a trucker. What you won't do for money, right? But the good news is he was able to load up again in Ohio and is on his way home! He should be home tomorrow night.
The kids are doing okay. Micah has a double ear infection, again, and if this one doesn't clear up or he gets another one, they want to do tubes. Which is okay. Really. I do think they are linked to allergies, though, because I skipped a day with Zyrtec yesterday (because he had an infection), and today his nose is so runny and his eyes are so scratchy. So, never skip the Zyrtec!
He hardly slept at all last night, but I am happy to report that he is sleeping soundly now. Michelle is doing very well- she mowed with me for almost 3 hours this morning. She loves to mow! Then my sister Crystal came over, and she loves Crystal. Then, we went to my in-laws, and she loves them. Boy, she had a great day!
I have to play piano at TreasureFest in Alcester tomorrow afternoon, so I won't get any crafting or blogging done tomorrow. I'll try to upload a few pictures tomorrow morning, but I can't promise anything! Have a great weekend!

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