Friday, May 22, 2009

Our New House-- in Color!!

Well, we have come to the end (almost) of another week. Why is that when Myron is home, the week just flies by? He's been home for 2 weeks, and sadly, he leaves again on Tuesday (or Monday night). We got him a load from Sioux Falls to Louisiana (yay), and I'm so not looking forward to dispatching out of LA. Last time we were there, it was awful, and now, the economy is worse, so I'm sure it's going to be a nightmare week. Oh well. Money is money.

I have some pictures of my new (to us) house. You'll see what I mean by not the greatest. I don't have any pictures of the upstairs, because when I was taking pictures, the kids were both sleeping in their rooms. Well, Michelle was pretending to sleep, but she was really being naughty and was awake. Anyways, there are two useable bedrooms upstairs and one unsuable bedroom. I'll take pictures later today and probably post them tomorrow or something.
Okay, here we go. A virtual tour.
Okay, I just realized I forgot to turn the picture. Oh well. Turn your head.
This is what you see when you first enter the house. Our entryway with our washer and dryer. Kind of nice that they are on the main floor and not the basement. Especially since I've done 13 loads since we got the appliances hooked up.
Here's the kitchen. Nice, big kitchen. Pam (my sister in law) did a really nice job painting. I wish I had a grape/wine themed kitchen. But, I don't. Oh well. The only thing I don't like is there is not alot of cupboard space. I have about half the cupboard space I had at our Alvord house.
Please ignore the gigantic mess. I'm slowly wading through it all, but the kids tend to tear it right apart again. See that white thing in the lower right hand corner- yeah, that's a dishwasher. Albeit, a small dishwasher, but a dishwasher nonetheless. And I love it. One small comfort in an otherwise pretty bleak situation.
Here's the living room. Nice, big room, too. I like that. We have a lot of stuff in this room: two couches and a chair, two endtables, the piano, the computer, the toys, and my scrapbooking stuff.This is the living area. The couches face each other. I like it alot. In the lower right hand corner, there's a bookshelf to tie it all together. It looks very homey.
Here is the last picture of the living room. Bad picture, but you get the idea. I rearranged my scrapbooking stuff, too, and I'm excited to take another picture of that. You can get the before and after feel. It looks really nice.Here's our bedroom. It's right off the kitchen, next to the stairs to the second floor. Kind of small (way smaller than our other house), but it'll be just fine.Here's the outside of the house. Not too bad, right.Now look again...yes, that's plastic over the house. In the summer. Because everyone is too lazy/busy to take it off. I hope it doesn't affect how hot it gets in here. We'll see. Ignore the big dead tree in the center of the picture. We're not going to cut it down. Why? Because it's not our problem.
And one last picture. These are from Michelle. My mom helped her plant them and give them to me for Mother's Day. They are looking a little worse for the wear because we have had 90 mile an hour winds the past few days. But, I just watered them and I think they will survive. I hope. I am notoriously bad with plants. Why I want to badly to have a garden, I don't know. I just do. Another year, maybe.
Tomorrow, I hope to share a few pictures of the kids and the upstairs. That's all for now. My fingers are tired.

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