Wednesday, May 27, 2009


This is going to be mostly a family post...there will be a crafting post tomorrow. I just have so much to say that I need to split it into two posts or I won't get to bed until midnight!

I took Micah to the dr. today because he has been getting really pus-filled eyes. When he woke up this morning, he couldn't even open his right eye because it was crusted shut with pus! Poor thing. The dr. said that he has a left ear infection and an infection in his eyelids. Weird. No wonder he feels miserable. So I have to give him drops in his eyes 3 times a day. I gave him the first drops tonight; it was torture. I had to lay him on the floor, between my knees, kind of {gently} clamping his head, attempt to hold his arms still whilst prying his eyes open so I could put the drops in. Well, the little bugger screwed his eyes shut so tight I could hardly get them open. And man, did he cry. It was probably harder on me than it was on him. Now, he has woken up three times already and he's only been sleeping for two and a half hours. Hence the need to get to bed! I am also afraid Michelle is getting the infection of the eyelids; her eyes are getting increasingly pussy as the days wear on. We'll see what she is like when she wakes up in the morning. We are supposed to have a play date with one of my friends and her kids tomorrow in the park, so I hope that works out!
I have some pictures of the kids; the first group is of Michelle. She loves it when I crochet- she thinks it is just the coolest thing. Today, she attempted to "cwo-chet":"Now, how does this go in here?"

"Mom, I got it!" (She says this a lot)

"Do I need to use my teeth?"

Very, very carefully...

And a few pictures of Micah--we went to a birthday party in the park on Memorial Day, and we got some really cute pictures of him:

He LOVED the swing!

What a chunk!

And the very last set: Michelle and her cousins Cole and Hannah. My mom is watching these two while my sister-in-law is in Las Vegas with her mom for the week. Michelle and the kids played so nice together when I was over there on Monday--they played outside for the longest time! I caught them in the sandbox playing together (Michelle just learned this skill- how to play WITH someone instead of just BY someone):
Finally, one last picture. Myron got the swingset put up in our backyard last week, and on Sunday, after Michelle woke up from a 3 hour nap, he volunteered to take her outside (without me asking--he doesn't do this very often!). I caught them swinging and playing through the window in the house. I'm pretty sure they were unaware of my presence!
He's just such a good dad! No wonder she loves him!
Good night and thanks for stopping! Check back soon for a craft related post.

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