Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Poor baby!

This is not a card making post today, this is a life post. Sometimes, it's just nice to catch everyone up on my life all at once instead of telling everyone individually!
Myron left in the truck yesterday. I was so thankful I found a load- and at 8:00 on MONDAY morning, too! That is very unusual. He is out in West Viriginia right now (with absolutely no service :( ), and then his mom (Mary) found a load to Detroit from there. We have a good relationship with a broker from Sioux Falls through whom we get loads quite frequently, and we are picking up a load for him in Ohio to come back home. I was pleasantly surprised that I didn't need to find a load today, because...
Micah got tubes. Yes, I know. Surprise, right?
He's been sick with ear infections for about three months straight, and we got referred last week to see Dr. Korver (the ENT who did Michelle's tubes) yesterday. We got there and he strongly suggested that we put tubes in. But, he is going on vacation and is going to be gone from tomorrow until the end of the month. So, here are our options:
1. Wait until his is in Rock Valley again, which is August 7.
2. Drive to Sheldon today (Tuesday) and have Korver put the tubes in there.
3. Have Korver's fill-in, Dr. Jorgenson, do the tubes anytime the rest of this month in Spencer.
4. Wait and see Korver again in 3 weeks to see how Micah is doing.

So, I talked with Myron, and he said I should probably just put Micah out of his misery (in a good way) and go to Sheldon and do the tubes. I called Dr. Korver's office, and they set up the surgery for the sickening time of 7:15 am. I called my mom, who agreed to let us spend the night and then watch Michelle in the morning while I am gone with Micah. She also GRACIOUSLY offered to bring Michelle home so I could just go home from Sheldon (thanks, Mom!). That was awesome.
The sucky, sucky part was that Micah couldn't have anything to eat after midnight. Now, he's a baby who really likes/needs a bottle in the middle of the night. After hearing this piece of news, I promptly began worrying how in the world he was going to sleep all night without drinking. He went to bed at 8:30 (with a bottle), and then I tried to wake him at midnight to drink, but he wouldn't rouse. I got 2 ounces in him and that was it. And then, sure enough, he woek up at 2:00 wanting a bottle. And then was up again at 4:00. And 4:30. And then was up for "the morning" at 5:30. So, we hit the road at 5:45 this morning. Bah. I wish Myron was home.
The good news is that Michelle went to bed at 9:15 and slept straight through the night until 9:00 am. This is surprising to me. She hardly ever sleeps all night.
I got to Sheldon (Micah slept the entire way), and was pleasantly surprised to see an old high school friend was our nurse! That was very exciting!
The surgery went really well, but Micah had a very tough time coming out of the anaestesia. I fed him a bottle right away, and then he cried for the better part of the next hour. We were finally allowed to go, and then he cried for a short while in the car, and then slept for the next 2 1/2 hours! And then slept another 2 1/2 hours in the afternoon. He wasn't tired, was he? :)
Overall, he is doing really well today. I hope he sleeps pretty good tonight. I have already noticed that he seems to hear quite well, and he flips onto his tummy and then back ALOT (like, all the time). These surely must be good signs.
Michelle had such a fun time this morning with my mom. She came home with a bunch of snacks, bug juice, ribbons in her hair, and two new sets of jelly sandals. It was great. Plus, we came home to sheep in our yards--Michelle was THRILLED. She saw them, pointed, and screeched, "WHAT IS THAT!!!!" She was (and still is) beside herself!
Okay, my fingers are tired! Good night!

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