Monday, September 7, 2009

A Sad Sunday

The kids are keeping busy, so I wanted to use a few minutes to share some sad news.
Yesterday, our (almost) brand new puppy, Tajar, got hit. He was chasing the van, and we hit him in our own driveway. He died shortly after that.

I was pretty sad yesterday...the first dog we had that I really, really loved and he's dead after only a month. I'm beginning to wonder if we are supposed to actually have a dog. This was our third- the first two ran away. Tajar was just such a good dog; he had so much potential. I really thought he was going to be the dog that stayed with us....well, forever. Hopefully, this means something is going to happen soon that will make us unable to have a dog.

Michelle is struggling to understand what "death" means. She's not really sad, but she is a little confused as to where Tajar is. She watched us bury him this morning (I told Myron I didn't think I could handle it if he fed him to the sheep :) ), and now tells people (when they ask about Taj) that "Tajar's dead," "sleeping very tight," or "Daddy covered him up." See what I mean about a little confused. When we were going home, she said, "Tajar's going to chase," and she just wanted to go outside and play with him a little while. Bums me out.

Just a dark spot in our week, I guess. It's lonely around here now without him.


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