Thursday, April 30, 2009

A little work, a little play

Hi! Happy {almost} Friday! Today was such a great day for me. My sister Crystal came over and helped me move a whole bunch of stuff over to our new house. We sold our acreage :(, and we are moving to my sister-in-law's old house (they just moved). We are moving approximately 5 miles. Hopefully, something else will come up in town or something, and we will be able to move again before the summer is over. But, it's a place to live, right? I'm not real excited, but I'm trying to talk it up to myself! Anyways, I took a few pictures of the van as we were packing it up. I thought my mom would really get a kick out of it, because she truly is the "master packer." She can pack anything. I'm sure once she sees these pictures, she'll say that she could have easily fit another 3 tubs in there, but hey, she's the master, not me! Here are the pictures:

Didn't we do an awesome job?! I'm so thankful Crystal helped me. This was only stuff that we have in storage. Most of it (shamefully) is clothes for my 2 year old daughter. Like 10 tubs and boxes of clothes. For one kid. Right. Anyways, this was a big job done. Whew!
So I learned how to crochet at a ladies' aid meeting at my church a few months ago. I have only made two potholders.

This is the first one. I just chained and chained and chained some more. And then decided, well, I might as well make something from this chain. So I just double and single crocheted until I thought I was done. And then single crocheted around the edge. Simple. Not very nice. But it's my FIRST accomplishment.

Now here's my second one. This one is much fancier and cooler. Yes, the holes are supposed to be there. My husband seems to think the holes are mistakes. I assured him, they are not. I even like the edging. I just single crocheted around it, and then double crocheted around that. When I got to the corners, I had a little trouble, and I ended up doing two double crochets in each single crochet, but my mom told me a trick that saved time and yarn, and looks just about the same. What do you think?
That's all for tonight- I want to try to crochet some flowers to put on my cards. For a beginner like me, that's not an easy task! Thanks for stopping!

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  1. I was thinking the other day how boring I am, and how I should make myself interesting by getting a hobby. Then I realized that hobbies get expensive. Then I decided I could be boring until I got a job. So hopefully that works out for me.

    All that is to say, you are the opposite of boring. You are exciting.