Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Good morning, everyone! It is really dreary here today, lots of rain, but I have a springy card for you! This is a mother's day card I made using Verve Stamps new set, Because of You. I LOVE their sets- they are my new go to company for stamps. They just seem to fit my style. This card follows the Viva La Verve Sketch Challenge with a Twist. This week's twist was to make a springy card. I love green and pink together, especially with tons of stickles!
We're getting ready to move; my mom is coming over today to help pack. I wanted to move some stuff over to our new house (new, haha), but I think it's going to be too yucky if it's still raining. Plus, I am keeping the kids with me today, so that will make it harder. We close on our acreage on the 15th, so we have to be out by then. I'm going to really miss this house- everything about it, except it's location. The house is so gorgeous. Maybe I'm being superficial, but moving to a house that is several notches down from this house is quite hard for me. Pam and Terry's house isn't that great, but I guess it will do for now. Kinda sucks, but what do you do? At least we have a place to call home, right?
Happy spring!

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  1. How wonderful! Isn't writing for yourself so therapeutic? I hope you enjoy blogging....and find the time to do it often! (unlike some people)

    And if it's any consolation to you, one thing I've learned after four years of college is that home is a very relative term. It's more about where your heart belongs, for me there are pieces scattered along central Iowa in the rolling cornfields where my family resides, the blowing plains of the Northwest corner where I've left the people who have transformed me most, and now in the Australian Outback where life seems to stand still. So hold tight to your family and know that wherever they are, home is there too.

    Best wishes for warm weather so you can move to your "new" home!