Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Christmas Signs

Good morning. I have a couple blog posts of different stuff today (hopefully, if my kids can play nice for more than 2 seconds at a time!). First off, here's some cool stuff I made for Christmas gifts.
This is for my brother and his wife. I thought it turned out really cool- I cut the barbed wire with my cricut. I also found the font online (I think
This was for my niece's super super sparkly! After some experimenting, I used a two way glue pen to put glue on the butterflies (cut on my cricut), and then sprinkled loose glitter on. It's awesome---so girly!
This was for my nephew--again, the font was online, the barbed wire was cut with the cricut, and I finally used this denim paper. It's a hard paper to use--it doesn't just go with anything! I like how this turned out, as well.

This was for my youngest sister's boyfriend. He's really into hunting, and he got the pheasant for me so I could have some feathers. I love how this turned out, and so does he. Crystal said he hung it up right away!
Look for some more stuff after a bit!

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