Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Blizzard #1

Finally, here are some pictures of the blizzard at the beginning of December (our first major snow storm). My husband was gone trucking, and I was stuck in the house for 2 days.

This is out our front door (facing south) the night it started snowing. It had been snowing all day, and then the wind picked up. It literally HOWLED through the house. We didn't have plastic on yet. Yeah, oops.

This is out our front door the next morning. The drift was literally 4 feet high, right in front of our door.
This is in my bedroom (on the north west side of the house). Obviously, there is a little gap somewhere, because the snow is piled between the glass and the BLIND. Inside the house. It was 52 degrees in our bedroom that morning.

This is right outside our front door. The shovel was set against the swing, and you can see how big the drift is. I literally had to DIG the shovel out to try to scoop the walk (I didn't suceed with the walk).

Soon to come--Blizzard #2.
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