Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Potty Training

This is going to be a mostly family post, no cards today. Although, I have about five million cards to show you...but, as I am taking care of five children today AND I am preparing for a stamp a stack party at my house tonight, I don't have any time.

Michelle is doing so well learning to go potty! We started last Thursday (I just set my mind to it because I believed she was ready, just lazy). She went in her panties about 7 times, each time more agitating than the last. She did pee in the potty a few times that day. On Friday, she went in her panties only twice, and on Saturday, Sunday, and yesterday, she didn't pee in her panties at all; she only pooped (we're still working on that...where to start?!). Now, today, she has gone potty immediately after I put her on (we've had to read books and "relax" so she could go...we could easily sit there for five minutes before she did anything)...big improvement! She's been wearing a panty all day, and hasn't wet through! Plus, she is willingly going when I ask. Now, to get her to tell me! I'm sure that will come, though.

I was just so excited that she is actually being potty trained that I had to post! I've waited and waited for this...plus she is getting harder to change (saying she doesn't like to be wiped because it hurts), so I knew it was time.

Keep up the good work, Michelle!

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